Friday, January 19, 2007

Week 5

Item# 10
Well this has been fun and easy. Here's a couple of photos and I added the links to the generators I used.

Item# 11
I explored the Web 2.0 Awards list and now I'm UPSET!! I'm addicted to on-line shopping and now I find out about'm doomed, I need a raise, I have no control, I need to call my sponser, I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Item# 12
On to my next vice, eating. I set up a Rollyo account and set up a search roll for recipes. Gotta go, I'm hungry after all that shopping!


Minerva said...

Now go to Flickr and type in the word "cake" or "chocolate" and go crazy!

matt lopez said...

minerva is truely evil!!